Great Zimbabwe
Visa Information

Visitors to Zimbabwe who are nationals of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark can get visas at the port-of-entry (i.e., airport or border post) upon payment of a visa fee of US $30. Nationals of these countries may also get visas at the Embassy.

Nationals of the other Baltic States need visas in their passports before traveling to Zimbabwe.

Visas must be obtained by application through the Embassy and with the following requirements:

  1. The visitor must complete Visa Application Form 1 and Visa Application Form 2), downloadable here or obtained at the Embassy.

    Visa Application Form 1
    Visa Application Form 2

  2. The Visa Application Forms shall be submitted to the Embassy's Consular Section together with a valid Passport. A visa will be obtained within 7 working days.

  3. Visa fees are payable in cash as follows:

    a. Single Entry - SEK 460
    b. Double Entry - SEK 600
    c. Multiple Entry - SEK 700

    An additional charge of SEK 70 within Sweden and SEK 90 for the rest of the Nordic Region for Return Registered Post should be included for visa applicants who send their passports and application forms by post. This additional amount is not due if the applicant chooses to enclose a self-address evelope with adequate postage to return the passport document. In all cases, receipt will be issued for the visa fees.

  4. Travelers to Zimbabwe are not required to possess valid vaccination certificates against cholera. Yellow fever vaccination is required for travelers from infected areas as designated by the World Health Organisation as of 1993. Those intending to visit low-lying areas in Zimbabwe such as Victoria Falls, Kariba, Gona re Zhou and Zambezi Valley are advised to take a course of malaria tablets as a precaution.

For any information please contact Mrs. Dorcas Mwedzi at the Embassy: Tel. 08-76 55 380.

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